We are a supplier of systems for track and road vehicle construction and for the construction of plant and specialist equipment.

We supply specifically for vehicles and drive systems:

The development and construction of pipework systems and their flexible components also for use in high temperatures.

Pipework systems for cooling water circulation also in association with vehicle heating and air conditioning and their corresponding venting lines, pressure compensating vessels, compensators and hoses in both stainless steel and elastomer.

Pipework for charge air lines and exhaust systems for drive systems with V-band clamps and metal seals together with the associated insulation.

The use of thin stainless steel achieves significant weight reductions, enhanced service life and lower maintenance needs compared to conventional designs.

We provide solutions for:

  • the compensation of vibration
  • the absorption of heat induced expansion
  • the compensation of construction tolerances

Industrial equipment

We provide all-metal hoses in stainless steel from DN 6 to DN 250 for pressures from PN 16 (up to DN 100) and PN 10 (from DN 125) for higher flexibility and long service life with all the propriety or customised connection designs. Special designs are available up to PN 400 (depending on diameter).

Stainless steel compensators for exhaust systems and industrial applications.

The hoses are designed to meet your specific application conditions and range from reasonably priced models to high quality structures with multilayer braiding or special inner wall materials.

Before delivery, the hoses are pressure tested to 1.3 times the operational pressure. If desired, you can recieve acceptence test certificats for all products. Our quality management is certified by Norske Veritas according to EN ISO 9001: 2000.

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